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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Statements

Mutual Fund Statements are the formal financial statements issued by a mutual fund company to its unit holders semi-annually and after its fiscal year-end. Mutual Fund Statements have often been referred to as confusing and hard to understand to the average investor. The holy grail of mutual fund statements is spoken of but seldom seen, it is not that the fund companies want to mislead or confuse anybody it's just that you may need your chartered accountant to make sense out of your financial and portfolio statements.

Companies like in Canada earn their keep by niche consulting to a large market of fundcos that want and need special intellectual services to make statements, communications and relations with their customers better than their competition. Mutual Fund Companies should take note that there are current studies and surveys available that prove who the top 10 companies are compared along side of the top 10 perceived fund companies. Beyond returns the average financial customer would be better served with more detailed explanation of how their portfolio and wealth is really being managed. Mutual Fund firms will continually struggle with these important features that should be standard and accepted practice industry wide.

Mutual Fund is an investment scheme and is most commonly put together with other perhaps diversified mutual funds and thus it is the Mutual Fund Portfolio that is more relevant. Today's investment portfolios and strategies can be complex even still firms must learn to explain simply how much their client had to begin with and how much they have at any particular point at the present or past. Smaller niche companies and firms have learned this important lesson and have made attempts to listen to the customer and present information that make sense. Making money and knowing it makes investors most happy, reporting loses can be done more easily when the customer understands and is made aware regularly and reasonably about their overall investments. The Independent mutual fund dealer with some sophisticated Back Office software can do the job better today than most national banks in Canada and therefore will be more empowered to make or save more money with quality reporting and advice.


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